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GMC Pick up

1939 Green exterior Used condition
0 miles
2888 C22825274
What we are offering for sale is one of the most carefully crafted custom pick up trucks YOU WILL SEE FOR SALE ANYWHERE. THIS IS A $100,000 BUILD OFFERED AT A FRACTION OF HIS COST. IF YOU WERE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING UNIQUE IF YOU WERE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR TRUCK. Now here is the bonus this truck was actually built to be driven and is a pleasure to drive. It comes with two different steering wheels and they are removable. It has airbags on the back of the truck and dual mode exhaust so you can drive it down the road in comfort and when you want some attitude open the pipes in here that Cadillac engine show off it's attitude. Truly special detailing is throughout this build. You can spend an hour discovering new and impressive custom touches that took hundreds and hundreds of hours to create. The designer and builder did not miss a step on this amazing build.


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